November 24, 2020

Training for Excellence: MaxYield Trainee Program Prepares Mentink for Success

Mason MentinkMason Mentink kept his nose to the grindstone in search of his first career before he graduated in December of 2016. Mason’s journey began when he first applied for a MaxYield internship at the Fall 2015 ISU Ag Career Fair. Though he did not get the internship, he kept the cooperative in the back of his mind. That summer Mason worked for a Pioneer seed dealer and made time to visit MaxYield to job shadow Agronomy Specialist Brian Cable in Milford. Mason became seriously interested in the co-op’s culture and accomplishments. Later, at the 2016 ISU Ag Career Fair, he applied for the Agronomy Specialist Trainee position. Since then, he has fit in well as a member of the MaxYield team.

Q: What are some of your responsibilities as an Agronomy Specialist Trainee?

A: I learn from my mentor, Agronomy Specialist Nolan Hauge, meeting with clients and doing day-to-day operations to be a successful agronomy specialist. Myself, and another trainee have been working to implement  Winfield United’s R7 Tool to MaxYield acres. We also filled out many work orders this spring. I work with Agronomy Specialists Tom Evans and Greg Beseke scouting fields, monitoring plant health, learning about crop protection products and programs. I have attended MaxYield trainings to keep learning and become more prepared.

Q: What excites you about your position?

A: At whatever location I will be stationed, I am excited to continue building relations with clients and finding solutions. I have enjoyed my time so far with MaxYield and my future is looking bright.

Q: How would you describe MaxYield employment to someone interested in a career here?

A: I wouldn’t do a trainee program any other way. Working with a mentor helps set you up for success.


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