November 24, 2020

Unwavering Support Strengthens Hunting With Heroes


Bernie Becker and his son, Jason, credit MaxYield Cooperative as one of the main reasons they were able to start Hunting with Heroes in 2011.

“Through the years, their support has been unwavering,” Jason Becker noted. “Thanks to MaxYield, we’ve been able to focus on our mission of providing the best healing experience possible for the Marines who come here.”

Even though Jason currently lives in England for his job with Caterpillar, he provided an email update to share his thoughts about Hunting with Heroes.

1. What inspired you about the Marines who came to Lakota in 2014?
The personal connection they made to the community really stood out. I know it must be difficult to come into a community like ours and suddenly be the center of attention. They were so appreciative, however, and it was very touching to see how much this experience meant to them.

2. What impressed you about the alumni’s interest in returning to Iowa?
Jamie Lantgen and Kevin Koffler were two of the first Marines we hosted, and they’ve always been close to the hearts of our community, our family, and our extended Hunting with Heroes family.

Having them back felt great. We always want to welcome alumni back for the event.

We’ve found that these guys want to see the community again and help at the event. While Jamie and Kevin hunted, they also supported the new guys who were here and gave them a comfort level we could not offer.

3. How does Hunting with Heroes define what’s great about rural Iowa?
The more times I relocate for my career at Caterpillar, the more I keep coming back to a love for rural Iowa and what it stands for. While we plan for Hunting with Heroes all year long, I’m always caught off guard by the tremendous response to the banquet each year. This has become a way to honor both the Marines and all branches of service represented in our area. Local community members’ willingness to band together to make Hunting with Heroes such a success is something that we can all be proud of. As long as there are Wounded Warriors, there will always be a place for them to hunt and come home to in our rural Iowa communities.

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