February 25, 2021

Up for the Challenge: Jennifer Allen Named Solutions Provider of the Year

Jennifer Allen MaxYield CooperativeWhile there are no traffic jams on the extra mile, you will find Jennifer Allen there, handling a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

“I’m willing to make the time to take on extra tasks,” said Allen, Whittemore’s client care leader, who was named MaxYield’s 2012 Solutions Provider of the Year. “I’m up for the challenge and like to help out wherever I can.”

A master of multitasking, Allen operates the scale, handles billing for seed and merchandise, answers the phone, serves on MaxYield’s safety committee, bills out unit trains for the grain department, and handles a variety of other jobs throughout the year.

This West Bend native is well-versed in the day-to-day activities at the Whittemore location, where she has been based for nearly nine years. Not only does she value the opportunity to work close to home, but she appreciates the support her family provides. “I’m grateful that my mom can watch my kids in the fall so I can help at MaxYield during harvest, when we often stay until 7 p.m. or later,” said Allen, who joined MaxYield in 2004 after earning her accounting degree from Iowa Central Community College.

Never a dull moment in agriculture

Allen doesn’t shy away from volunteering for extra duties. She has helped select MaxYield’s scholarship winners, including recipients of the $1,000 Deanna Engstrom Memorial Scholarship. She has also helped test for aflatoxin and has handled aerial application billing tasks.

“I like working in agriculture, because it’s always changing, and there’s always something new,” said Allen, who can remember when MaxYield used to fill the west elevator at Whittemore with non-GMO soybeans.

When Allen was announced as MaxYield’s Solutions Provider of the Year, she was shocked. “It helps a lot when you have good people around you,” she said. “My teammates are great, and we have a lot of good clients in the Whittemore area, which makes it enjoyable to come to work.”

Editor’s note: Jennifer and her husband, Tim, who works for a local farmer, live south of Whittemore. They have two children, daughter Carlee, 6; and son Levi, 4. When Jennifer has time off from work, she likes to go camping with her family and take their horses and her mule, Sugar, on trail rides. “Mules are a lot more sure-footed than horses,” said Jennifer, who enjoys riding at Brushy Creek and beyond, from the Black Hills to Wyoming.



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