February 25, 2021

Why Wear Out Your Tires? Try MaxYield’s On-Farm Grain Pickup Service

Al Hovey - MaxYield Cooperative on farm grain

Algona’s Al Hovey knew he had to find a better way to get his grain from the field to the elevator. MaxYield’s on-farm grain pickup service provides that solution.

Al Hovey knew he had to find a better way to get his grain from the field to the elevator. With limited manpower—and limited storage—on his farm near Algona, he used to hire truckers until he discovered MaxYield Cooperative’s on-farm grain pickup service.

“I eased into it and quickly learned how it can save me a lot of time,” said Hovey, who started using the service for 15% of his corn bushels and now relies on it for up to 80% of his bushels. “MaxYield has a competitive rate, they get the job done in a timely manner, and they are good to work with.”

For the past six years, Hovey has used the on-farm grain pickup service from harvest through winter and into spring. When he needs to deliver grain, he calls his contacts at MaxYield to let them know his plans. “They are flexible and try to work with my schedule,” said Hovey, who also runs a wean-to-finish hog operation. “This helps me utilize my labor more efficiently.”

MaxYield tries to make the on-farm grain pickup service as convenient and affordable as possible, said Harry Bormann, MaxYield’s grain team leader. “The popularity of this service continues to grow each year, because farmers know the value it offers.”

Save in more ways than one
The service can also save a lot of time and expense, especially for farmers who are harvesting a field in an outlying area away from their farm’s grain storage. “When you don’t have to cover lots of extra miles to haul the grain, you don’t have to wear out expensive tractor tires as fast,” said Bormann, who noted that 25% of the fall-harvested bushels that MaxYield handles arrive via on-farm pickup.

Leon Wojahn has relied on MaxYield’s on-farm grain pickup for more than five years. “It’s just like having a free hired man,” said Wojahn, who farms northeast of Ayrshire and noted that his corn is hauled to Mallard. “MaxYield works around my schedule. I don’t know what I’d do without this great service.”

To learn more about the on-farm grain pickup service, contact your nearest MaxYield location, or click here.

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