December 1, 2020

Working with “Family”: Reasons Why Former Intern Shelby Wagner Joined the MaxYield Team

Shelby WagnerOne of the newest members of the MaxYield Seed Team, Shelby Wagner has enjoyed her time as an Agronomy Specialist Trainee since she joined MaxYield this January. She credited her internship at MaxYield as a main factor that led her to apply for the full-time position.

Here are a few reasons why Shelby appreciates her past internship:

How did your internship experience influence your decision to work for MaxYield?

I really had a positive experience interning and had a lot of opportunities to be educated during my work. MaxYield has a nice, productive working environment and I felt really comfortable here.

Describe the work environment at MaxYield.

Everyone I have met has been willing to go out of their way to help me. They are very positive people. I like how MaxYield is a family oriented workplace, which is also something that I value. I am very fortunate to work for a co-op that shares this same value.

  What differences are there comparing your career with MaxYield and previous work or jobs?

Before my internship and employment with MaxYield, I had been an intern at a different co-op. The experience was much different in that I felt thrown into my intern position, which I did learn a lot from, but it came with its challenges. MaxYield takes you through your internship and educates you. From the beginning they set expectations.

What advice do you have for future college graduates seeking their first full-time career position?

Be aggressive going after what you want. I interviewed for my internship here at MaxYield two times. If it is something you really want, keep going after it. Be patient with yourself, you are not going to be an expert right away. Learn from your mistakes, it gets better.



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