November 25, 2020

You’re Hired: Matt Fandel’s Internship Leads to a Full-Time Job

Matt Fandel - MaxYield Cooperative

Matt Fandel turned his internship at MaxYield into a full-time career opportunity.

When Matt Fandel interviewed for a MaxYield Cooperative internship during his freshman year of college, he opened up even more opportunities than he realized.

“Not only did I end up doing an eight-week internship, but this led to a full-time job with MaxYield,” said Fandel, a custom applicator based in West Bend.

During his internship in the fall of 2009, Fandel had the opportunity to work with grain operations, spend time with MaxYield’s agronomists, spread lime on clients’ fields, and handle a variety of other jobs. This hands-on training enhanced the education he received at Iowa Lakes Community College, where he earned his ag business degree in 2011.

Fandel was glad that his MaxYield mentor, Gerald Zwiefel, stayed in touch with him throughout college, even after he had completed his MaxYield internship. “That meant a lot to me,” said Fandel, who grew up in Emmetsburg and enjoyed working part-time for farmers in the area, including his grandfather.

When Fandel looked for full-time employment after graduation, MaxYield was at the top of his list. “I knew there were a lot of really great people at MaxYield, and they treat you good,” said Fandel, who joined the company in September of 2011.

The transition from former intern to full-time team member was easy, added Fandel, who likes running the TerraGator® and applying dry and liquid fertilizer, as well as post-emerge herbicides. The team environment at MaxYield makes the difference. “The people here have been great, and they’ll do anything they can to help you out.”

While most of the fields that Fandel covers are located around West Bend, Emmetsburg, Whittemore, and Algona, he also travels from Fostoria to Britt, as needed. He enjoys serving MaxYield’s clients and contributing to their success.

“If I can’t farm, I want to be as close to the farm as possible. MaxYield gives me this opportunity.”


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