February 27, 2021

Zach Merfeld: Agronomy Specialist Trainee

Although Zach Merfeld didn’t grow up on a farm, he found a home in agriculture at MaxYield Cooperative as an Agronomy Specialist Trainee. Originally from Clear Lake, he worked for area farmers throughout high school and pursued a degree in Agricultural Studies with a minor in Agronomy at Iowa State University, graduating in December 2017.

Merfeld was not an intern at MaxYield prior to starting his full-time career. The learning opportunities the trainee program offers drew him to the position. “MaxYield is always staying ahead on the technology side of things, which I think will only grow in the future,” stated Merfeld. “I enjoy the challenge of helping farmers stay a step ahead in efficiency and maximizing the potential of their ground.”

Q: How would you describe your experience so far at MaxYield?

A: I really enjoy coming to work every day because it’s an exciting environment and my co-workers are fun to be around. Since starting in January, some of my daily tasks have included delivering seed and checking fields.

Q: Do you have advice for future college graduates seeking their first full-time career position?

A: Future college graduates looking for their full-time position can’t be afraid to get out of their comfort zone. They’re going to be doing lots of new and intimidating things once they start their career. They have to be prepared to ask questions in order to learn and succeed.

Q: As a recent college graduate, what did you do in college that helped make you a better team member at MaxYield?

A: Getting involved in campus organizations got me out of my comfort zone and shaped me into a better communicator. The communication skills I gained while in college made it easier for me to talk to farmers and ask important questions once I started my position here.

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